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What is Netflix Watch Party | Watch Netflix Party

When we missed our friends and families the most, quarantine taught us the most creative ways to spend time together. A useful one for Google Chrome users is a free extension called Netflix Party. A Netflix watch party allows you to start, pause and resume a Netflix movie or show so that you and a group of friends or family members can share it together remotely. 

You can watch Netflix movies and TV shows with family and friends online through Netflix Party. In addition, it does not matter if you are in the same town or a country far away from each other. This streaming service makes you and your friends feel like you’re watching Netflix in the same room. It’s possible because a couple of Chrome and other browser extensions make it possible to stream Netflix with friends. The service does not support those devices, but they make sharing the streaming easy, especially now. Watching Netflix with your friends is one option. But I’d also recommend watching HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video content with friends, too. We will provide you with an overview of the Netflix Party. Show you how to use Netflix Party, and assist you in case something goes wrong.

What is a Netflix watch party?

Besides its official support, Netflix Party is another way that Netflix makes it easier for people to watch Netflix online with others. Some other options exist, but Netflix Party has a lot going for it.

Netflix now makes it easy to sync playback from friends across the network, share Netflix player sessions between household members who may be in different rooms, and get real-time chat about the events depicted on screen.

How to install the Netflix party extension?

The Netflix Party extension can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. To do so, navigate to the extension’s listing and hit the Add to Chrome button. Install by clicking Add extension when prompted.

You can use Chrome’s icon once it appears in its toolbar.

How does it’s work?

Currently, Netflix Party is available only on Chrome. The Chrome extension from Chrome on a desktop cannot be installed on Android, iOS, gaming consoles, streaming boxes or streaming boxes. It is entirely free to download.

Netflix’s official site is the only place to watch your show or movie; proxy sites, dodgy portals, or VPNs are not supported.

Each person needs a Netflix account. Unlike some other tools for watching movies online, Netflix Party does not require that you connect to a host and watch their screen. An individual does not need to sign up.

Fast buffering and HD support are available at Netflix Party. Up to 50 people can join a party at any time. The site has text chat only, which is available at the same time, but it has no voice or video chat.

How to start Netflix party?

It takes only one person to host a Netflix Party. They are responsible for creating the party and sharing the link so that others can join. The host can decide if anyone else can pause/skip the video, or only the host.

Taking these steps enables you to invite friends or family to your Netflix Party:

  1. You’ll need to sign in to Netflix to watch all the content.
  2. The image you want to watch will appear in the upper left-hand corner, along with a description.
  3. If the Netflix Party Chrome extension icon turns red, it means the extension is complete.
  4. Select the NP button.
  5. If you prefer to remain in control of video playback, you can disable the feature.
  6. Starting the party is simple. Click Start.

With Netflix Party, you can easily share the link with others who want to join.

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