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5 Best alternatives to Mobdro TV in 2022

A free streaming movie and TV app with unlimited content, Mobdro had several apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store however, it was removed from both stores due to legal issues. The Mobdro alternative industry has turned out many useful apps like Mobdro for streaming live TV along with movies. In this article, I have written to you about the best applications like Mobdro for watching live Mobile TV in addition to some good movies and TV shows. Here is the alternative to the mobdro app:

Morph TV:

This streaming app can make it so you can watch live tv from anywhere in the world and the shows will be of high quality. Morph Tv has launched a year ago, and many users from around the world watch TV there.

It has a 4.5 stars rating on the google play store. If you are searching for a good quality app like mobdro, Morph tv is perfect. Below I have listed some of the features of morph tv for your viewing pleasure.


  • Apps run smoothly on mobile devices
  • There are many TV channels to choose from.
  • Watch tv and movies of high quality

Tea TV:

This app has millions of downloads from users around the world as it does not contain many ads and is associated with live tv. Tea tv is an alternative to mobdro since the program offers tv and movies as well.

If you are looking for an app like Mobro but with a different approach, tea tv might be a good choice.


  • Several players can play the game
  • You can watch live tv.
  • It is easy to use
  • Content is available for download

123 Movies:

One of the biggest money-making illegal streaming sites has been 123movies. Millions of users from across the globe have used 123movies to download movies and shows.

Movies from the newest genres are on 123Movies for your viewing pleasure. The site was shut down by the government due to legal issues, and many mirror links and apk sites have popped up that don’t require an email.


  • Watch and download movies with just one click
  • Advertising is scarce.
  • Videos of the highest quality
  • The streaming of live sports

Tubi TV:

There are millions of viewers per month on Tubi TV – a free streaming movie service. The service is free and completely legal, so everyone can use it.

Users who want to find out that Tubi can be played on multiple devices will find it to be compatible with 20 plus devices.

Tubi TV was acquired by Fox corporation for a whopping $440 million and since then Fox has launched more content. If you are interested in learning much more about the Tubi TV service, we have written a Detailed Review on Tubi TV.


  • Streaming of TV shows and movies of the highest quality
  • The 25 plus device is compatible with this product.
  • It is easy to use
  • Legally accepted

Pluto TV:

Founded in 2014, Pluto TV now has over 20 million monthly users and is owned by Viacom. Pluto TV is one of the biggest free movie streaming services in the world.

More than 170 channel partners have partnered with Pluto TV to deliver movies and tv shows. Almost every popular category of movies and tv shows are shown on Pluto TV.

Pluto TV is compatible with over 15 devices, so users do not have to worry about device compatibility.


  • You will only find legal movies and shows on Netflix.
  • The 15 Plus is compatible with the following devices.
  • There are 4k content options available.
  • There are approximately 170 channel partners
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