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How to stop the avast browser from opening on startup in 2022

Some Avast browser clients are annoyed with the program dispatched by the antivirus organization. They have been using their framework and then suddenly discover – the “Avast program” – on their screens. Excluding. You can disable the program during the program settings if you wish to keep it from opening each time you start your framework. 

Avast, the antivirus giant that has always dominated the market, created the Avast Secure Browser.  There have been plenty of takers for this brand-backed program that restricts or completely stops advertisements. Nevertheless, clients are quickly becoming aware of the programed establishments that come with the product. 

Avast browser

Why does everyone want to stop the avast browser?

Lots of people complain that Avast installs the Avast Secure Browser without their approval and has them import bookmarks from their default programs. Does it really matter whether it starts with Windows or not? Some of Avast’s main fans don’t trust the program so much that they have since uninstalled it, fearing a real malware attack.

The client can also be contacted from time to time by an extra program, similar to Kingpin, in such cases, so that the application does not run or store client data. Three methods can be used to prevent Avast Secure Browser from opening automatically. You can either change your program settings to stop it from opening, you can deactivate it through the task manager, or you can uninstall the program. 

We’ll break the means down: 

Use Browse history to stop avast browser:

The simplest way to prevent the program from opening is to change its program preferences. Dispatch the program and snapped on its upper right corner. 

When this is complete, you’ll be able to review the Settings of the program and find the “On Startup” tile. Here you’ll see the option that says “Dispatch Avast program progressively when your framework starts.” 

You must move the slider bar left to disable this option if the program starts without anyone else.

Disable through Task Manager:

Using the options in the task manager is another way to safely disable the browse. Startup apps can be found here. Press Shift + Ctrl + I simultaneously to open the task manager. Performance, App History, and so on can be found in the task manager. 

Start the list of startups when the system starts by clicking on the Startup tab. Just right-click the Secure Browser option in the Avast menu. Disable the feature by pressing ‘Disable’.

How to Uninstall Avast Browser from Control Panel?

All applications run in your system are listed in your Control Panel menu, and removing them from here erases them from your computer. 

Uninvited applications often cause panic in users. Avast can be uninstalled from the control panel of a computer’s operating system. Once you have installed it, you can use it whenever you need it. 

Typing Control Panel into the Windows search box will open the Control Panel. To find programs and features, go to Programs and Features. An overview of all running programs will appear on the computer. Avast will appear on your screen. Click on it. Uninstall by clicking the Uninstall button at the top. That’s all. This resolves the issue with the browser. Users do these three things to prevent their browser from launching automatically. The alternative is that there’s another way. Using an additional web browser removes the need to reinstall Avast or to use any of the default browsers. 

End Point:

If it keeps opening every time you start your computer, you may have mistakenly enabled this feature. It is usually not a bad thing but it may take over your system and affect your browser preferences. 

However, the browser can be reinstalled or even uninstalled if the Avast Antivirus software is still installed.

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