The upkeep of a large landscape can be a significant challenge for anyone who has installed one. Most of us don’t have enough time to do the work, enjoy it with family, and then get back to work. A lawn mower on Saturday morning isn’t the only thing that goes into Always Green Landscaping maintenance. It will be a steep learning curve for anyone migrating from a chemical program to an organic one. It is fortunately possible to hire professional landscape maintenance services. Can you tell me more about the services you offer?

Organic Conversion or Maintenance

In addition to food consumption, organic gardening and landscaping are well known to most people today. Not only are organic methods safer, but they also provide better results and are more efficient. There is good news in that it is possible to convert previously non-organic programs to organic ones. Landscape maintenance services aren’t an overnight solution, but a knowledgeable company can help you get there.

In addition to healing gardens, herb gardens, and aesthetically pleasing presentations of native plants, walking paths, and water features, this service works well in any setting. In an organic program, you can expect to find the following highlights:

  • Putting beneficial nematodes in. Insects of all kinds are controlled by these nematodes. When you have pets, beneficial nematodes will prevent fleas from living in your yard without harming them or your garden.
  • Soil amendments should be applied properly. You can improve the health of your soil with many organic amendments. Molasses used in horticultural practices is one of the best examples. In order to stimulate soil microbes, it can be broadcast.

Treatment and evaluation of soils                                 

It is not uncommon for neighbors to have different soil characteristics and make-ups within a neighborhood. When fill dirt is trucked in during construction, this is especially true. You will first need to have your soil evaluated by a landscape maintenance contractor. A nutrient analysis and an acidity/alkalinity number will be provided to you by this method.

By comparing these results to the kinds of plants you have or wish to have in your landscape, your landscape maintenance contractor can make the necessary changes. There may be differences in requirements within one landscape depending on the location.

Maintenance Schedules for Lawns

You may find that your grass lawn is the connecting factor between all the other features of your property. It is therefore necessary to pay periodic attention to it. Eastern Massachusetts experiences tornadoes more frequently during certain seasons than others. At the end of the day, you want your lawn to look good 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The landscaping contractor at your local area knows what you need and can automate your maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Lawn aeration, organic fertilization based on a seasonal schedule, and mowing on schedule are some of the services we offer. Aeration of the lawn is what it sounds like, but what exactly is it? Compaction of soil is simply countered by this technique. As a result of the absence of earthworms, compaction is an especially serious problem for programs that aren’t organic.

In order for your soil to become aerated, moisture and nutrients must be able to reach the roots. “Aerator sandals” can be used to some extent for aeration, although they are not very efficient at it. This service can be more effectively provided by your local landscape maintenance company.

Final thoughts

Below are a few of the services you may be able to get from your local provider. When you are working hard, doing chores, and having other obligations, you should consider hiring a landscape maintenance service to maximize your downtime for relaxation and entertaining.

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