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The NFL Schedule Of 2022

It’s a whole new year and it’s time to start planning out the upcoming season! It seems like it takes forever but every decision that you make now will take you closer to having the ultimate game-plan for your favourite team’s playoff run. In this article, I’m going to explain what the NFL schedule of 2022 is planned out to be – find out when your favourite team is playing and how many games that team will be in.

What Is The NFL?

The National Football League (NFL) is the top professional American football league. It was founded in 1920 and has 32 teams. The NFL season runs from September to December.

Each team plays 16 games, and the team with the most points at the end of the season becomes the champion. The NFL playoffs consist of four rounds: divisional, conference, divisional championship, and Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the biggest and most important game of the season.

Why Does The NFL Schedule Matter?

One of the most important things that the NFL does is set its schedule, which affects how each team plays all season long. The NFL schedules are made so that each team has a chance to play against every other team. This helps to create parity in the league and makes it more difficult for teams to gain an advantage.

The NFL also schedules games based on the weather. For example, they will often schedule games in cold-weather cities during the winter when there is more interest in watching them. They will also avoid scheduling games in hot weather cities during the summer when people are likely to stay inside. This helps to maintain viewership throughout the season.

Finally, the NFL schedules game based on ticket sales. As a result, some teams will play more difficult opponents later in the season when tickets are harder to find. This helps to keep teams from resting players and gives them a harder challenge early in the season.

How Does The NFL Schedule Work?

The NFL schedule is a very important part of the NFL season. It determines which teams will play which other teams, and it also determines how many games each team will play.

The NFL schedules are based on a combination of factors, including divisional matchups, conference matchups, and inter-conference matchups. Each team is assigned a number that tells the league how much priority they have in terms of scheduling. Teams with higher numbers have priority over teams with lower numbers, and they generally get to play more games than teams with lower numbers.

There are also exceptions to this rule, however. For example, the Seattle Seahawks were unable to play in the preseason because they were in the middle of a playoff run at that time. This meant that their number was lowered, and they had to play fewer games than usual in order to make up for it.

Although the NFL schedule is important, it is not always easy to predict which teams will win or lose. This is why fans enjoy watching the NFL playoffs so much—the winners of those games usually have a good chance of making it into the next NFL season.

Going in Depth On Each Team’s Schedule:

The NFL season is finally here, and with it comes the excitement of watching your favourite teams battle it out on the field. However, before you can enjoy a single game, you have to get through the gruelling schedule that each team has to endure.

Each team’s schedule is different, and going in-depth on each one would be too much detail for this article. However, we’ll give you a general overview of each team’s schedule and some insights into how they are expected to perform.

We’ll start with the defending Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are scheduled to play against the Atlanta Falcons, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New Orleans Saints in their first three games of the season. Atlanta is a dangerous opponent, as they made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year, but Philly should be able to take them down. After that, they will have a relatively easy stretch where they only have two games: against the Cleveland Browns and against the Dallas Cowboys. Expect Philadelphia to coast through these games and look to compete in later matchups.

On the other side of the league, we have the Oakland Raiders. They have a very difficult opening week as they face off against Tom Brady


As we inch closer to the start of the NFL season, it is time to start thinking about which games we want to watch. Whether you are a fan of one team or another, it can be hard to make decisions when there are so many games on the schedule. In this article, I will outline each team’s schedule and suggest games that should be on your radar. I hope you take away some ideas for watching your favourite teams this year!

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